Ron Boustead's Room:  Ampex ATR-102 Analog Tape Machine w/stock & Manley Vacuum Tube Repro ElectronicsManley Variable-Mu Vacuum Tube Compressor LimiterManley Massive Passive Stereo EQNTP 585-100 Programmable Mastering Equalizerdb Technologies D/A and A/D ConvertersWeiss EQ-1 MK2 24/96 Digital Mastering Equalizert.c. electronic System 6000 Multi-Channel Processort.c. electronic Finalizer 96KMeridian 518 Digital Audio ProcessorSonic Solutions 24/96 Digital Audio Workstation  • Sony PCM 1630 & DMR-4000 SystemsTascam DA-45 HR 16/24 Bit DAT RecorderTascam DA-98 HR 24 Bit Digital 8 TrackDLT Tape RecorderAudio Research LS 25 Vacuum Tube PreampAudio Research Vacuum Tube VT100 High Definition AmpGenesis V Series Monitors

Don Tyler's Room:  Modified Ampex ATR 102 Analog Tape Machine with stock and custom Manley vacuum tube electronics • Digidesign Pro-Tools for Playback • Apogee Big Ben 192K Master Digital Clock • Lavry M•DA 824 digital to analog convertor • DB Technology AD122-96 24/96 analog to digital converter • Sontec MES-462C9 parametric mastering EQ • Manley vacuum tube mastering Pultec Equalizer • Manley vacuum tube mastering Mid-Frequency Equalizer • Manley Massive Passive all vacuum tube parametric mastering EQ • Manley vacuum tube stereo "Variable-Mu" Limiter/Compressor • Weiss EQ-1 DS MK2 24/96 dual 7 band digital parametric equalizer • Weiss DS-1 24-bit de-esser/compressor/limiter • t.c. electronic System 6000 Multi-Channel Processor • Sonic Solutions 24/96 digital audio workstation • Audio Research vacuum tube VT100 high definition amplifier • Genesis V series monitors


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